Consultation Fees:

First Consultation:  £ 195
Duration: 90 minutes                                                                                     
The fee includes:
First extensive and individualised case taking
Evaluation of your general level of health
Evaluation of medical history
Research into past treatments
Tailored treatment plan
Additional research after the first consultation
First brief feedback after approximately one week

Follow Up Consultation:  £ 95
Duration: 30-45 minutes
every 4-6 weeks                                                                     
The fee includes:
Evaluation of remedy reaction and assessment of progress
Review of symptoms & current complaints
Adjustment of treatment plan where necessary                                                             

Short Acute Consultation (if generally well):  £ 45
Duration: 20 minutes

Free Initial Appointment: (20 mins.)                                                                     

Prescription Fees:

Dry Remedy                                £     7
Liquid Remedy                           £   15

If I need to order a particular remedy for a patient, the incurring invoice will have to be paid directly by the patient.


2 full business days notice needed for cancellation of first appointments.
1 full business days for follow up appointments.

Please note:

The duration of first appointments is 90 mins, follow-up appointments are 30-45 mins.

Sometimes the appointments may require a longer time, especially in complex or chronic conditions or if the last appointment is longer than six months ago. In these cases time in excess of 90/45 mins will be charged pro rata in 15 mins increments.

The fees include a short feedback between appointments. However, for lengthy or additional advice or acute prescriptions between appointments, time will be accumulated and charged pro rata.

An increasing number of health insurers will cover treatment costs; please check your policy.

Special Family Payment Schemes and Low-Cost Clinic Rates are available by agreement; proof of benefits/income may be required.