What my Patients say

I had a few health issues (principally psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis but also some other skin issues and a few recent allergic reactions) and conventional medicine only seemed to offer drugs to manage the symptoms. I was wondering what else I could do and considered homeopathy but wasn’t sure how to find someone I could have confidence in. A friend recommended Andrea and she’s been great. She explores the underlying issues and then helps you to address them rather than just the symptoms. So, about 15 months on I have improved substantially. No more allergic reactions, reduced inflammation, more energy and better mobility. She’s fun to work with too. Can’t ask for much more than that! – David K, March 2024

The treatment has honestly improved my life drastically. I used to simply exist and dread even waking up in the morning but now I feel like I have motivation and energy at the starts of my days. I feel like I’m living and I want to get up now, I want to face the day and whatever it may bring. My anxiety used to control my life and limited everything, I was unable to even talk in class but now I can do presentations and lead class discussions. I’ve re discovered not only myself but my love for everyday life despite how mundane it may be. Andrea and her work has changed my life for the better. Without her help I don’t think I would’ve got through not only the school year but all my exams, the ups and downs of friendship groups and even entering new stages in my life. Even my friends have noticed how much more at ease and comfortable I am with myself, and it feels great. I’m able to ride the waves of life without overthinking and stressing too much. I passed all my GCSEs, waiting the results of my A levels and currently applying to university!
As well as treating my anxiety, Andrea had also treated my eczema which is a lot better but it does sometimes still flares up at really stressful times like exams. I also struggle with my menstrual cycle and would have extreme pain and sickness during the first few days but due to the treatment this has highly improved the debilitating pain has now become something I can cope with and continue my daily life whereas before it would disrupt my entire week, causing me to miss out on days of my education. Now it’s only one day I struggle with pain. I would highly recommend Andrea Dell of Wiltshire Homeopathy. – Mia, 18 years old, February 2024

I had suffered from eczema covering most of my body for 25 years, in that time I have tried many different treatments. Initially I went to my doctor who gave me a moisturizer, then steroid creams that would work in the short term but my eczema would always become resistant and then a stronger cream was prescribed. At one point I was on the strongest cream available and my eczema was worse than ever, I was getting around 6 skin infections a year which meant courses of oral steroids and antibiotics too. I spent quite a few weeks bedridden, unable to walk and in intense pain 24 hours a day at which point I was referred to a specialist at the Royal United Hospital in Bath. They did a patch test on my back testing the skin against certain allergens but even the skin under the plaster holding it on reacted, so that told us nothing. I also tried an elimination diet but that didn’t reveal anything either. Eventually I was given UV light treatment which temporarily worked, it taught me the importance and healing ability of sunlight. After two courses of UV light treatment ( the second one being less effective ) the skin specialist wanted to put me on medication for the rest of my life which was something I wasn’t keen on once I’d heard the possible extreme/ life threatening side effects, it would have also meant having a blood test every month for life. I decided to look elsewhere for help. It was then I started looking into complementary treatments, over the next 10 years I tried Acupuncture, Reflexology, Kinesiology as well as fasting, juicing, cutting out refined sugar etc and generally trying to improve overall health and fitness levels. All these things helped to some degree but none actually healed the eczema to a noticeable level. I heard about Andrea through a friend who was currently being treated by her and thought I would book an appointment. Eight months later and my eczema has completely gone, I stopped using steroid cream completely at 6 months after starting treatment and it was a noticeable decline from about 3 months in. At the first appointment ( late October 2020 ) Andrea asked me a lot of questions that a GP wouldn’t even think to ask, things about my past and my personality, major events in my life and how I am emotionally etc. She took a lot of notes and was very thorough, it was a very relaxed discussion which lasted much longer than the 10 minute slot you get with a GP, and for good reason because of the amount of depth she went into to really get a feel for who I was. She also warned me that once I had taken the remedy I might get a skin flare up but that it would be temporary and followed by healing. She was absolutely right and after the flare up the skin really got better! In fact only two months after my first appointment it was Christmas 2020 and it was the first one in many many years where I didn’t have eczema all over my hands and I could eat the usual unhealthy Christmas diet and see the eczema not reacting at all, as well as not getting an infection over the period at any point, I was so pleased by such a noticeable change. At this point, in June 2021, I’ve recently taken the remedy again because I am currently getting a little flare up that I expected mid summer. So far though since October 2020, I’ve taken the remedy three times and every time I have seen a huge improvement in the skin that holds. With every dose my skin improves and never goes back to being as bad as it was at the point when the previous remedy was taken! I am a million miles from where I was in October 2020 on that first appointment.
ADDITIONAL: On the 18th October 2022 ( still 100% eczema free ) I was prescribed some very powerful antibiotics for 1 month, it was for a very serious internal infection. They worked but during the course I noticed the return of the eczema. It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as before and I contacted Andrea for an appointment in November, once I had finished the antibiotics. This time a different remedy was given as she believed the origin of the problem was different. Due to the antibiotic’s strength it meant that my body had really taken quite a hit and was slow to react but it did react and over time began to heal again. After around 3 months Andrea suggested taking the original remedy again as a boost and once again I was eczema free. June 2023 I was working with a group of people who all used vapes, I very foolishly started using one for a few weeks and quickly stopped when I saw the eczema return once more! Again I contacted Andrea, made and appointment and a remedy was given. The vaping has had a noticeable effect on my health even months later despite it only being for a short time but the remedy started working shortly after taking it ( including an initial flare up ) about 3 weeks until noticeable healing. Whilst I still have a few little patches of eczema it is much better than it was immediately after stopping vaping and I am still in contact with Andrea with the hope that after a couple more treatments I’ll be back to my normal eczema free condition. I highly recommend Andrea Dell, she is easy to talk to, completely non-judgmental with a very down to earth attitude and is very thorough and considered when making a diagnosis. Her Homeopathy has already helped me more than any of the treatments I tried previously and is the only one that resulted in me being eczema free for periods of time longer than a year. She is a very skilled and knowledgeable homeopath. – Andy Veale, 47 yrs old, Wiltshire, February 2024

Andrea has been a very mindful and supportive guide and has helped me navigate through a major bereavement as well as chronic M.E and FM which flared and stuck due to that loss. Her knowledge of homeopathy is second to none and the remedies have literally put me back on my feet and walking again after three years of disability. I cannot recommend Andrea highly enough, and rest assured that you are in gentle and very professional hands with Andrea as your guide. – Sarah Koch, November 2022

When I had my first consultation with Andrea I had severe itching all over my body due to eczema. I was having difficulty to sleep and was feeling very uncomfortable and agitated. Andrea gave me 4 doses of medication in total and advised me that the itching could get worse before it gets better and to be aware of any issues or emotions coming up. When I took the first dose, the itching was reduced to minimum, and I had a good sleep and felt relief from the continued scratching and agitation. After two days the itching started but it was not as bad as before. After I had the 2nd dose the itching continued but the intensity was greatly reduced. It also spread in other areas including the under arm. Simultaneously I was becoming more aware of the emotions that were coming up, such as anxiety, fear, frustration, agitation and anger. When I took my 3rd dose of medication the itching was reduced considerably, and I noticed my skin was renewed especially on my arms and legs. The itching had almost stopped, and I was feeling almost like normal. However it came on and off, and emotionally I was feeling restless and agitated but didn’t know why. That’s when I took my last dose of medication after consultations with Andrea and this brought a lot of emotions and pain which was subtle to the surface. It was related to the pain and trauma I had in my childhood that I had forgotten about! The pain was so intense that I had to remind myself and be aware that this was in the past and not present, as it came up to the surface to be released. The medication helped the buried past traumatic experience to come up to the surface for my awareness. Until then I couldn’t work out what it was that was making me feel stuck, agitated and restless. I felt so much better and happier having released the trauma and self-sabotage. After that I was able to step forward and be able to express and share my creativity and interests with others. I have come a long way, and it is still work in progress for me and I may seek Andrea’s help and support if necessary in the future. I would like to say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, to Andrea for all your support and help, without which I would not have been able to see and heal the deep trauma that was hiding under the surface! It has made a huge difference in my health and my well being. I am so grateful to have had that support. We would all heal so much faster and with ease if we could combine these alternative therapies with having the awareness of what is going on in our body both physically and emotionally. – IK, female age 76, Wilts. – October 2022

Andrea has given me my life back!
I consulted Andrea about 3 yrs ago on the recommendation of a friend after coming to the end of the road with conventional medicine. My parents had been open to Homeopathy but I hadn’t given it a thought for many many years. I had several quite complex health issues. About 15 years previously, I had had vestibular damage to my inner ear from a virus which had left me with balance problems, nausea, dizziness, vision disturbances, no energy etc together with severe migraines (Migraine Associated Vertigo). Also insomnia, anxiety and hayfever, the latter I had had for about 40 years.
Andrea visited me at home as I couldn’t travel and the consultation was very thorough taking nearly 3 hrs. She had a Remedy made up for me in the form of drops to be taken at intervals as and when needed. Several of my less severe symptoms including the hay fever, cleared up very quickly. The migraines & balance issues took longer to resolve but she worked with me with regular consultations by phone or email and now I am almost back to 90% of my former self which I consider an amazing result. I sleep well, am no longer anxious or fearful and can cope with everyday situations without a second thought much to the relief of my husband and family. I take the remedy now about every 3 weeks when I feel my health is dipping and I have no doubt that eventually I will feel 100%.
I can’t recommend Andrea highly enough, she is passionate about homeopathy, very experienced and knowledgeable, caring and patient and has a real interest in her patients. I can phone, text or email with any problems at any time and she will always be ready to help. Every day I say ‘thank you’ to whoever bought Andrea to me and to the help she has given me.
– Shirley Reeves, Mum & Grandma, Berkshire, June 2022

Homeopathy has been a game changer, my child is so much healthier now and it makes me feel a lot more relaxed. Thank you.
(Case of 4 year old girl with persistent and recurring coughs and chest infections)
– Mum of 2 children, Bath, March 2022

Before I chose to explore homeopathy as an alternate solution to several different health problems, I was experiencing such as stress and anxiety, which in turn exacerbated my allergies like hay fever and eczema, I was at a loss as to how to treat these conditions successfully using common advice from health professionals in the NHS, as what they had prescribed me was clearly not totally effective and only worked to a certain degree. To be clear, I mean that my health problems remained and didn’t appear to be getting any better. It was only when I discussed my symptoms and possible causes for them with Andrea and we took a holistic approach, that it became apparent a fresh approach was needed, which would hopefully provide the answer. I took the remedies prescribed by my homeopath as instructed, after I received them in the post and along with small changes in my lifestyle, I noticed a real difference and upturn in my general physical and mental health within a comparatively small timeframe. Now a couple of months later, I can honestly say that my stress and anxiety has largely dissipated, my face and hands have cleared up and I’m managing my skin condition with just the occasional moisturiser and have switched to hand-washing with just olive oil soap, and I have stopped using the steroid ointments prescribed by the dermatologist after the initial flare up. I still take medication prescribed by my GP for my mental health each night, but am happy to report that the liquid remedy I take in a morning given to me by my homeopath is complementary to this, so I can take both for maximum effect. Indeed, I believe homeopathy was the key to unlocking a way forward for me to be able to manage my different health issues altogether as one package, so I am no longer troubled by them and can look forward to brighter days ahead problem free, meaning there is more time to spend enjoying doing things with family and friends and not be self-conscious about the way I look or how I feel. Thanks Andrea, you really have been a great help and support to me and I am sure I will continue to follow your advice and use your services for the foreseeable future, so I do not experience a relapse in my symptoms.
– Male 46 years, Wiltshire, August 2021

I went into my first session with Andrea, with no prenotions of homeopathy. I hadn’t heard of this type of treatment before if I’m honest. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease 13 years ago now and my latest flare up was a bit of a drama. I had lot of inflammation which was causing 3 partial blockages throughout my colon. My doctor insisted I take biologics / Infliximab (a drug that suppresses the immune system) for the rest of my life. Which in his own words, would see me being treated like a cancer patient. Surgery may have been needed on top of this too. Not to mention, it’s a very expensive treatment (I’m currently living in Panama, so no free treatments here) and the very real and alarming side effects caused by this medication are as long as my arm.
Then a friend recommended Andrea to me, and I’m so glad he did. I was a little sceptical that any method outside of traditional medicine would help me, considering everything my doctor was telling me. But help me it did. After only 5 months of working with Andrea, I was no longer taking any medication. My blood work showed inflammation markers in my body, went from 5 x the normal level, to normal. And although I understand the journey isn’t over, since this is a chronic condition, I no longer fear a future flare up like I did before.
I really can’t thank Andrea enough for the help she’s giving me. I genuinely look forward to continuing to work with her, for any medical problems I’m having. Two additional points I’d like to mention.
The first thing that struck me with Andrea, was that she really listened to me and took the time to understand what I want. This was a vast difference to what I was experiencing with my doctors, who were simply telling me what to do. I have a busy job and my time is limited. Being able to do this over Zoom is a god send. It’s the icing on the cake for me.
– LS, female, age 33, Panama, July 2021

I was recommended Andrea by a good friend of mine. I came to Andrea with incredibly irregular periods as I have polycystic ovaries. My periods would be incredibly painful and the doctors were unable to offer me any advice and told me that nothing could be done about it.  As we were looking to become pregnant soon, it was important that I sorted out my periods. Since working with Andrea, I have now had regular periods and very little pain if any during my periods. This is incredible as I used to be in terrible pain and unable to go about normal daily tasks when on my period.  The whole process took about 6 months. Andrea is fantastic to work with and is always ready to help, whatever the query or concern. I cannot recommend Andrea highly enough.”
– Female 29 years old, May 2021

I first began working with Andrea in July 19, she was strongly recommended by my Sister who has worked with her for more than a decade. I have been extremely happy with both the results and the fact that Andrea is so easy to talk to. 
I have also recommended Andrea to two of my friends who are both very happy with their consultations.
– VCS age 59 Mexico City, December 2020

My experience with Andrea over the past year has been wonderful, profound and truly eye opening. I originally came to her with anxiety troubles that were becoming quite debilitating and effecting my everyday life. I wasn’t fully aware on how much of an effect homeopathy would have on me, and how much it was going to help. Not only have my anxiety issues completely subsided, a wealth of other problems (that I wasn’t aware were even treatable) have become non-existent. 
Andrea is a lovely lady, she is warm, welcoming, non judgemental, and has made me feel at ease every step of the way. So much so I have encouraged family and friends to go and see her. She is obviously greatly experienced in the art of homeopathy and is a wealth of knowledge. I would (and do!) highly recommend her to everyone.
– SH, 31, Wilts, October 2019

Andrea has been our family homeopath for the past 5 years and helped our family back to health several times.
I have never met her personally due to distance so all consultations have been online and over the telephone.
She is caring and a good listener and always seems to find the right remedy for any ailment.
My youngest daughter was about to have her baby teeth removed but Andrea has prescribed a constitutional remedy to support her and she has not needed to see another dentist so far. My other two children have also been treated successfully with Andrea over the years.
I cannot recommend Andrea enough, she is just an excellent!
– Angela G, Wales, March 2019

I have been a client of Andrea Dell for a number of years and would strongly recommend her as a skilled and trustworthy homeopath. Andrea is most amiable, sympathetic, intuitive and has a healthy sense of humour. Andrea has significantly helped me recently through the menopause and through two redundancies. I am now in a much better place both physically and mentally.
– SS, February 2019

Dear Andrea, thank you for your patience and understanding. Having an infection from a punch biopsy for 2 months and 3x courses of antibiotics I decided to try the route of homeopathy. The infection has gone, the wound healing beautifully! Thankyou !
– ME, July 2018

A testimonial for homeopathy and Andrea Dell as a homeopath
I regret not having investigated the benefits of homeopathy before now. I am delighted to have been recommended by my chiropractor to meet Andrea Dell and to ask for her help with two conditions that have affected me for about ten years. Both my GP and a specialist neurologist said they could do no more to alleviate the effects of these conditions: ‘mild sensory neuropathy‘ and’ Barret’s oesophagitis‘.
Andrea Dell’s expertise and the remedies she prescribed have had a remarkably beneficial effect on relieving the symptoms of both afflictions, and have made a significant improvement to my quality of life.
I am now a confident believer in the benefits of homeopathy and have no hesitation in recommending homeopathy, and Andrea Dell, to my family and friends.
– PJD, Nov.2016

I would love to share with you an experience I had few weeks ago. My little boy experienced horrible anxiety when starting school (reception). He had nightmares cried all day every day (at school and at home). He had few issues with fussy eating even before that so that wasn’t helping and a few other bits and bobs which were bothering us too. We try to be as gentle parents as possible and he was breastfed till he weaned himself and is very outdoor loving child so this massive change in his behaviour and anxiety took us by surprise.
After investigating and trying to help him as much as we could ( and we received amazing support from school too by cutting his hours very short and helping him a lot with settling) someone from you suggested homeopathic treatment so I found a homeopath in this very group and booked an appointment.
I always loved homeopathy but only needed it ever for little ailments before. I met with this lovely lady and we talked for good few hours and then she found a constitutional remedy she believed fits him perfectly. She sent it in post and we tried it. After two days (weekend) he woke up on Monday and put his clothes on took his bag and without a tear (first time in weeks) went to school. Since that day he gets better an better and loves his school now. We had no more tears and no more fear. No nightmares.. His eating habits are getting better and better by day.
So thank you all for suggesting homeopathic treatment as the way to go and thank you Andrea Dell for your knowledge and kind lovely warm heart which made me feel so much at ease when talking to you. Who would’ve thought that the person adding me to this page would be actually one I will meet personally and will help me so much.
– M.C. mum, posted on FB, November 2015

I have suffered from crippling hay fever for several years now for which I saw Andrea Dell. Her expert questioning revealed the whole picture, a true holistic approach, for which she prescribed a remedy that addressed both the symptoms of my hay fever and the underlying causes including low self esteem. I am now free of hay fever, and better balanced emotionally. Overall, I feel so much better, physically as well as personally, sense of self is stronger than ever.
– E.C. female, 50 yrs, July 2015

Hey Andrea! Thank you so much for seeing me yesterday! Wow do I feel better today!! Had the deepest sleep last night and woke up feeling refreshed today…which hasn’t happened in a long time!!
Andrea goes way and beyond to help you. She is there for you whenever you need her. I’ve found her very caring and very easy to talk to. Would highly recommend her.
– H. L. March 2015

Andrea showed such skill in drawing out the relevant information to pinpoint precisely the remedy I needed. It inspired confidence in her work, which is healing in itself.
The best thing, of course, is that I feel so much better.
It was very subtle. Over the weeks I began to feel more and more like ‘my old self’ and then you realise, of course, ‘it’s the homeopathy that’s done it!’ Thank you Andrea.
– A.Davison, November 2014

When I first met Andrea I was very unwell, with several years of issues that had built up to the point that my GP actually told me, that ‘there was no one that she could refer me to, to help me with my immune system problems and I would just have to live with it’…damming words from the NHS!
My first consultation with Andrea was intense, but she continued to gently prod to find out all of the issues that I had been living with, and all of my previous health history, to allow her to build a timeline of why I was suffering the health issues that had brought me to her. Some of the questions seemed strange at the time, but they were relevant to the condition that my body was in.
She then dispensed a remedy that was completely tailored to my specific needs, and monitored me closely, to see what the outcome of taking the remedy was. I was amazed at how quickly some of the symptoms responded and this made me more determined that I was going to follow my homeopathic course, for however long it would take.
Andrea has supported me through much over the last year, including glandular fever which, made sense of some of the previous issues that I had been suffering with that had not been responding as hoped.
Each monthly update on treatment, and indeed the ones in between, has been clear, kind and supportive. Each remedy has been specifically aimed at my body for the best result, with no after effects of any kind. Mainstream medications very often upset my stomach, and only added to the misery.
Andrea and I have walked this journey together, and I know that I can trust her implicitly to continue to walk with me, until I am recovered and back to full health and also, to support that health into the future. She ensures that there is enough time for each consultation and that there is no chance of missing anything due to rushing. I know I can be totally open and honest about all of the symptoms I have been suffering and also, speak about things that I am not sure of, without fear of being made to feel as if I am being a problem. I could not speak more highly of Andrea. She has shown tremendous dedication to my health and I would, and always do, point anyone that needs support for their health in her direction. Her wealth of knowledge, understanding and dedication is so encouraging, and I for one will continue to see Andrea for my future health care needs.
– Debi Richens, January 2014

About 4 years ago I had a vaccination at school that changed the way I would view inoculations and trust Doctors. I suffered many side effects from severe skin irritations, to allergic reactions which I had never suffered from before and muscle spasm and twitches which would last night and day resulting in many sleepless night and waking up with no energy which the allergic reactions didn’t help. I tried many treatments; originally trying to treat the skin problems from the outside e.g. layering on creams to treat the skin and just putting up with the spasms and going to different many different treatments until my mum suggested we visit a homeopath… Know I am on the mend, I feel as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I have had someone who understands to share my anxieties with and I feel overall happier in myself. Andrea has helped me so much and I can’t thank her enough.
– Danielle, March 2013

I have been working with Andrea for a couple of years and have seen a marked improvement in my overall health in this time. I would whole heartedly recommend Andrea for her cool head and practical approach to resolving long standing health issues.
– T.M. June 2012